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We look for models of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes therefor our applications are open to everyone. Please complete the online form below remembering to include photos as without them your application will be rejected.


We want to see you as natural as possible so do not retouch your images in anyway, this includes filters or lighting effects. Submit three makeup-free photographs with your application below: headshot, profile and full body image. Keep it simple and with natural lighting if possible.


Modelling is not just about your physical appearance, your personality, style and individuality goes a long way so keep your social media public whilst applying to us. We will reply to all applications that we find interesting and believe can make it professionally.


If you haven't heard back from us within 14 days then unfortunately your application would have been unsuccessful. Due to the large number of applications we receive we are unable to provide individual feedback.


If you are under the age of 16 ensure you have the permission of a parent or guardian before applying to us.

Upload Image


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Full Body

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Side Profile 

Good luck and thanks for your interest in FAD MODELS.

By submitting this information you are giving us permission to process your data and to contact you via telephone or email should we see potential for you to become a model or influencer.


Do I need a professional portfolio to apply to your agency?

You do not need a professional portfolio to apply to FAD. You can upload images taken from your smart phone. However, please ensure that your images are clear, have good lighting and are not edited or filtered in any way. If we can not visibly see you, this could affect your application from being accepted. Please upload one full body shot, one make up free headshot and a side profile shot. 


Is experience necessary?

No, all of our training and development is done in house for free to all successful applicants. 


Are there any fees?

Any reputable or successful agency would never charge representation or website fees. The only necessary costs that a model could face in the developmental stages of their career is for professional training or portfolio building. Any model who is successful through our onboarding process will receive their developmental programme in house, for free. Portfolio building is guided by the agency with our recommended photographers or sourced by the model. The model will pay the photographer directly and the agency does not make any financial gain from this.


What are you looking for?

We look for models with a great attitude, who exude confidence and can be themselves on and off camera. However, it is hard to give specifics as each brief we receive can be different. Just be yourself and please have your social media accounts set to public.


When can I expect to hear back?

We aim to get back to all successful applicants within 14 days. If you do not hear back from us within this time scale then unfortunately you have been unsuccessful. As we get a large number of applications on a weekly basis, we cannot reply to every application to give specific feedback. If you would like to re apply to FAD then we encourage that you wait at least 6 months before submitting another application.


What happens next?

If you have been successful one of our agents will reach out to you and arrange either a video call with us or if you are a local applicant to come and meet us in person. After this you’ll be invited to attend our Induction Workshop and be put live on our website for clients to see.


What happens after I get signed?

As soon as you sign to us we will start putting you forward for briefs where you meet the criteria and push you daily to new and existing clients. We cannot contact you each and every time you are put forward for work however If a client is interested in booking you we will contact you for an availability check. If you are a new model you will go through our development programme to start your journey into the modelling world.


Is work guaranteed and how often can I expect this?

The short answer is no. Every models journey is different, some work straight away, others it takes a little longer and some simply do not work. We will try our hardest to create opportunities and open up doors for our talent but the final decision lies with the client and therefore no genuine agency can guarantee work. We do however receive many briefs so as long as your portfolio is kept up to date with fresh imagery, our clients can see you. We work on full transparency and make no false promises. Believe us, we want all of our models to be working as much as they do, this is where we earn our money as an agency.


What happens if I cannot submit my application?

If for any reason you are having problems submitting your application please email a unedited clear headshot, full body and profile shot along with your height, contact information and location to

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